The 1st decentralized investment platform applying

Blockchain technology in the world.

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Searching, supporting, and accompanying startups applying Blockchain technology all over the world. Becoming a link between potential projects and individual investors from the early stages.


UHV has aspired to become one of the leading VCs in the region and is recognized as a Tier 2 investment firm worldwide. We strive to create an open environment for every single start-up and investor so that they can get their own goal in the near future.

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ZKX is a permissionless protocol for derivatives built on StarkNet, StarkWare’s ZK rollup. This is a DEX backed by Hashkey Capital, Houbi,...


ETH is ranked 2nd highest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market


BNB is ranked 4th highest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency market


A layer-3 cross-chain solution that helps Web3 projects to integrate data, computing, storage, and payment into one suite.


Grow your business by up to 50% by accepting Bitcoin,Etherum, BNB, Polygon and other cryptos as payment without crypto volatility.


Our core values

The core values that UHV is building, striving and aiming for, will be the unique and significant factors to make ourselves become the launch of every single startup in the Blockchain's world.


UHV does not hold investor assets. All our investing activities, investor's assets, project's tokens are displayed in detail and immediately on chain by smart contract's mechanism.

Win Win Win

UHV is aiming for all parties involved in us. Winning here is not only a matter of finance and profit, but also a victory of reputation as well as knowledge and technology.


All investment activities relate to UHV need to be professionalised.


Not only financial support, UHV's ecosystem provides comprehensive solutions to startups in all aspects.

DAO Ventures

DAO ventures, where the community creates a decentralized and transparent investment fund. Together, we create a new position in the market by crowdfunding to participate in investment activities in the market. Unicorn Hunter Ventures aims to decentralize the community and be completely transparent with UHV' smart contracts have been audited by Solid Proof.

Market Maker

UHV provides market making services for coins across the top crypto exchanges; our trading infrastructure and our experience in the space allow us to provide reliable, tight liquidity and responsive service.

Marketing Services

Community is the heart of UHV, we always respect and thoroughly cherish each individual in the UHV community. UHV is committed to bringing your projects to the strongest and most active community for marketing and promotion. UHV has connections with well known VCs in Vietnam to organize huge and high-quality events. Our priority is maintaining high community engagement and encouraging active participation.


With an experienced team in the market that has accompanied many startups over the past decade, UHV will definitely provide startups with support in terms of development, blockchain technology as well as survival solutions in this fierce market.

Our Team

Thomas Do


Lyn Nguyen


Hannah Ho

Brand Manager

Phoebe Bui

Investment Manager

Shane Luu


Mazko Do

Research Manager

Dave Cao

Business Development

Aimee Nauyen

Marketing Executive

Dustin Le

Marketing Executive


Business Development

Jay Bui